9 Reasons Gymnastics is Beneficial for Toddlers

Being involved in physical activities of all kinds has an amazing effect on toddlers. Gymnastics in particular is a great activity for toddlers to engage in. It provides a safe and fun environment in which toddlers can develop physically, emotionally, and mentally. Here's a list of 9 benefits of gymnastics for toddlers that you may be surprised to know:

1. Gymnastics develops cognitive skills.

Learning and completing the series of skills taught in gymnastics classes requires the young gymnast to use both their mind and body. The child's right and left brain will work in unison, which improves both body awareness and spatial awareness. This encourages children to become aware of the world around them and aids in early learning.

2. Gymnastics develops strong and healthy bones.

Research done on children has confirmed a direct relationship between physical activity and increased bone mass. Research has also found that the bone density gained from physical activity in children is maintained better than if gained later in life. By gaining bone strength earlier in life, children are able to avoid broken bones as they become more active in sports or on the playground, and even avoid osteoporosis later in life!


3.Gymnastics aids in strength development.

Gymnastics is an activity that requires the engagement of every muscles group. Throughout class your child will participate in fun stations that improve their upper body, lower body, and core muscle strength. 

4. Gymnastics increases coordination.

Your toddler's coordination will greatly improve through involvement in gymnastics classes. Toddlers are at an age where they're just getting a grip on walking, balance, and coordination. Participating in a gymnastics class improves toddlers balance by teaching them alignment skills through fun activities. These activities include walking across balance beams, elevated buckets, up incline beams, down decline beams, hopping off spring boards, jumping on trampolines, and much more!

5. Gymnastics improves flexibility.

Gymnastics develops flexibility, and flexibility decreases risk of injury in children. Developing flexibility as a young child can help them remain flexible into their adolescence and adulthood. Stretching in gymnastics increases blood flow, joint health, aids in development of coordination and body awareness, and reduces tension. This promotes healthy choices at a young age, and sets children up for maintaining a healthy lifestyle throughout their life.

6. Gymnastics helps create discipline in children.

Children will learn discipline and self-control in gymnastics classes, which helps them learn to work with others, work alone, and stay on task. In gymnastics classes we learn discipline and self-control by sharing stations with others, taking turns, and staying on task even when the coach is helping other students. 

7. Gymnastics helps children learn how to work with others and share.

As mentioned above, working with others is emphasized in gymnastics classes. Students are encouraged to take their turn at a station, and then share it with a friend. (For example; a student balances with a beanie baby across the beam, and then walks it back and hands it to the next student). 

8. Gymnastics classes increase self-esteem.

Learning and successfully completing gymnastics skills creates a sense of accomplishment, which in turn supports self-esteem. Gymnasts are constantly encouraged in class through our coaches positive feedback. Gymnasts learn to face their fears and complete skills they may be hesitant to do at first, as they do this their confidence grows and self-esteem is built!

9.Gymnastics classes ARE FUN!

Gymnastics classes are set up in a circuit of fun stations with an engaging theme that encourages the use of their imagination. Finding fun, healthy activities that also hold toddlers' attention can be a challenge, but a good gymnastics class can provide a perfect mix of all these important elements and more!  


As you can see, gymnastics is a great activity to get your children (especially toddlers) involved in. The next step is to find a class that works for you.
At Tumblin' Tigers, we provide classes in daycare centers and after school programs. We bring gymnastics to you! No need trying to fit an evening class into your already busy schedule. Students can participate during the day while you're at work, running errands, or doing any of the other necessary, daily parental tasks.  You can check our website to see if classes are provided in your student's daycare/school. If classes aren't currently offered in your school, contact us, and we'll reach out to your center about offering classes there!